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Physical Therapy

Essential Physical Therapy & Pilates is a small, independent, female owned business specializing in patient focused physical therapy. We provide a safe space to address the needs of our patients, keeping the focus on their goals while working to alleviate pain and dysfunction. Our practice offers the unique ability to transition from Physical Therapy rehab to a consistent Pilates routine, allowing our patients to sustain improvements and continue to progress towards their goals.

What to expect

Conditions we address

  1. At least 45 minute one-on-one sessions with a physical therapist.

  2. Comprehensive evaluations that encompass the whole body, not just an isolated part.

  3. Utilization of best-available evidence to guide our interventions.

  4. Education about your condition and the tools necessary to manage your condition independently.

  5. A physical therapist will work with you on your timeline towards your goals. We think outside the box to find a creative approach to your care. 

  • Pre- and post-surgical

    • Joint replacements

    • Ankle, knee and hip surgery

    • Shoulder surgery

    • Back and neck surgery

  • Acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain

    • Muscle sprains and strains

    • Lower back pain

    • Neck pain

    • Temporomandibular joint disorder

    • Carpal Tunnel

    • Work-related injurie

  • Balance 

    • Vertigo​

  • Neurological disorders

    • Concussion​

    • MS

    • Parkinson's

  • Muscle weakness and general deconditioning

  • Custom Orthotics

In one year our family went to rehab at Essential post ACL surgery, post hip replacement surgery and a back injury. Emilie helped all three of us with a clear PT plan that pushed us to work hard and we are back to the active things we love.

Elise A.

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