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Our Pilates Team

Lisa Spencer 



From a very early age, before I had a reason to believe that I was anything that mattered in this world, I KNEW that I was a healer and a mover.  While my explorations often incorporate both of these things, my passions are varied.  

My children and animals are everything to me.  Doing Deep Work, and participating with others who are also doing Deep Work is important to me.  I value authentic movement in bodies of all kinds.  I find healing when immersed in nature.  I believe in the importance of relationships and relating.  Things that I am unreasonably excited about: Food!!!  TRAVEL!!  Good socks.  Stimulating conversation. Courageous and reflective growth. Peeling back layers.  Rising up.  Recognizing, and stepping into opportunities.  Helping.  Light, Shadow, and the hidden spaces between.  Patterns. Conflict resolution.  Successful communication.  LOVE.   These things fill my life and keep me going.


Both of my children are now in college, and I am trying to explore the edges of the space that this has left in my life.  My love for my children has led me to break trauma cycles.  I have become willing to sit with my discomfort.  I am dedicated to my truth enough that I do not settle, and I believe there is something more for myself.  I would like to continue to dive deeper into my own healing while also holding space for others to heal, grow, and reach.  I would like to create and role model an authentic life lived intentionally and passionately.

When my daughter graduated high school in 2020, I completed a death doula training with Anne-Marie Keppel.  I am about to begin hospice training to continue forward on this path.  I am interested in providing end-of-life care and support for individuals and their families in VT.  I am a Pilates instructor with  Balanced Body reformer 2 training, completed with Zayna Gold, in Boston.  I am a Craniosacral Therapist, and I have completed CST 1 and 2, as well as somatoemotional release 1 through the Upledger Institute.   I have a fire in my belly, but without the support I have received from others, it would be embers. 

 It is from a place of deep gratitude that I want to create opportunities, and connect those opportunities to members in the community. Others who have fires burning. Or maybe just embers that they don’t know how to feed. I want to  help keep ALL the fires lit .  With this in mind, I have a vision of building a wellness cooperative here in Vermont. I am dedicated to the practice and the learning that goes with it.  I live and heal on unceded Abenaki land.

Willow Wonder, N.C.P.I. 



Willow first came to Essential Physical Therapy and Pilates with a shoulder injury in the winter of 2013.  As a dancer, she was very impressed with their use of Pilates as a rehabilitation tool--so impressed she decided to become a Pilates instructor and one year later received her Comprehensive Polestar Pilates Instructor certification.  Willow  holds a BFA in Modern Dance Performance from Purchase College Conservatory and an Ashtanga Yoga Instructor certification. She continues to dance and perform professionally and has been teaching in central VT since 2002. Willow is passionately committed to bringing more movement into people's lives. Working at Essential Physical Therapy and Pilates is a wonderful gift!

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