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Welcome to our office!  We're glad you are here. Please arrive on time for your appointment and silence your cell phone beforehand. If this is your first time at our office, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out initial paperwork.

Cancellation Policy

A late cancellation is classified as canceling less than 24 hours before the appointment. After you no show or late cancel 1 appointment within 24 hours we give you a warning/notice. After the 2nd no show/late cancel, we require a $45 fee BEFORE we see you again. If it is not paid 24 hours before your next appointment, we will cancel it and all upcoming appointments.  After 2 additional missed appointments and paid fees, we will discontinue therapy. We can take card over the phone, or cash/check in person or via mail.

Exceptions are made for illness/health emergencies (including the illness/health emergencies of a child where the person needs to cancel to care for them) and for inclement weather - they do not count towards your limit of missed appointments. Exceptions are NOT made for last minute work engagements, transportation issues, forgotten appointments, etc. That being said, if we anticipate inclement weather, please let the front desk know if you anticipate having to cancel or are not advised to travel, and we will cancel/reschedule you beforehand at no charge so we have a better handle on the schedule. If you miss your appointment, but you are able to fill an empty slot later in the day that did not have a patient, you can switch to that time at no charge.

We are not legally permitted to charge Medicare/Medicaid patients the $45 fee. Instead, the following procedure is in place for these patients. Like commercial insurance patients, after you no show or late cancel 1 appointment within 24 hours we give you a warning/notice.  After the 2nd no show/late cancel, we will notify you that we are taking you off of the schedule. If you would like to reschedule you have two options: A) you may schedule ONE appointment at a time, scheduling another follow up at the end of each appointment. This is dependent on you showing up. B) you can call/email us and make a same day appointment. If you continue to no show/late cancel after 4 total missed appointments, these options will be discontinued. 

COVID-19 Policy

Masks are optional in the studio and treatment rooms. Surgical masks are available at our office. Please either sanitize or wash your hands upon arrival to the studio.


Additionally, please do not come to class if you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath. There is no penalty for canceling a class reservation if you are sick – please call our office at your earliest convenience and we will remove you from the class at no charge.

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